5 reasons that VIEWMAX inspection system makes such an impression!

QUBBER’s inspection system, VIEWMAX, has gained attention from abroad press and online media, related to high technology products in food industries. This unique vision system offers all-surface inspection to empty milk or juice HDPE bottles, detecting even the tiniest defect.



After being published by Machinery update, a high technology pressed magazine in Great Britain, is now included in PECM’s digital magazine Newsletter referring to production process.



What makes VIEWMAX unique in HDPE bottling lines is:

  1. Advanced design containing special vacuum conveyor belt, inspecting even new lightweight HDPE bottles.
  2. Perfect adjustment to different-size bottles.
  3. Absolute 360 degree all-surface detection of non-transparent spots and pinholes with very small dimensions.
  4. Neck and thread inspection (dimensions fluctuation, flashing and foreign objects).
  5. Completely automated for easy integration into existing production lines.

As a result, QUBBER’s inspection system, VIEWMAX successfully detects all the defective bottles, thus ensuring the filling process and protecting the quality of the filled liquid and contributes in the end customer safety and comfort to use.

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Inspection system offers benefits to HDPE bottles