Who we are

QUBBER is a technological company founded in 2005, fully specialized in the design and manufacturing of integrated Machine Vision systems for in-line quality control of numerous products on production lines. The technological excellence of our inspection systems, their high cost-benefit ratio and above all, the honest and sincere relationship with our customers are the factors that make us different.

Research – innovation

At Qubber, we believe in growth through research and innovation. This is why we are continuously investing in our R&D department, in terms of both logistical infrastructure and staffing by inspired engineers who pursue challenges and question convention. The result of this effort is QUBBER EYE–Q, the most technologically advanced Machine Vision system that provides a holistic approach to:


Vision inspections






Inspection result management

What we have achieved

Over the years, we have laid the framework for an entire range of Machine Vision systems to address many of the actual problems facing the modern food and beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Thanks to the flexibility of the Qubber EYEQ system, we are also able to provide solutions for vision inspections in other sectors of industrial production.

Our vision

In the future, we will continue expanding our series of gifted Machine Vision systems, aiming at satisfying the industry demand for product safety, increased line efficiency and, above all, safeguarding the corporate brand.

In this way, we hope to become known as an established, reliable Machine Vision associate to an increasing number of companies throughout the world.

Sotirios Bekos
Executive Director