Full case

Full cases can often be defective due to unexpected production line problems. Since a workplace is seldom provided for visual inspection of all the packaging produced, the factory is most often content with a random inspection or random detection of the missing packaging on the line.
QUBBER FCI is a flexible, efficient and reliable inspection system for full case inspection of newly shrink film packed bottles, trays, crates and cardboard boxes.

  • Easily adjustable
  • Saving time and waste cases
  • Increased case quality
  • Brand name protection
  • Affordable high-end technology
  • Compact design
  • Simple integration into existing or new production lines
  • Up to 32 different recipes
  • Overcomes challenges like color shrink fil or flat upper surface
  • Full case inspection (Product presence)
  • Wrong placement of products
  • Carrying handle inspection
  • Aluminum construction
  • Industrial color touch screen 7’’
  • Electric board
  • 3D industrial camera
  • Automation controller with basic automation package (recipe selection, warning signal and line stop)
  • PLC unit (Pass/Fail, rejections, etc.)
  • Connection to a multi-camera system of QUBBER, EYE-Q technology