i-GLASS 1000/2000

Full bottle

With i-GLASS 1000/2000 QUBBER detects even the tiniest closure defect of glass containers, thus ensuring the safety of the supply chain and the end customer safety and comfort to use. i-GLASS 1000/2000 is an extremely accurate vision system that combines an accurate inspection of the closure with a detailed inspection of the container’s fill level. Suitable for bottling lines up to 60,000 bottles/hour.

  • Improved safety and comfort to use for the end customers
  • Improved safety for the supply chain (storage, transportation and distribution)
  • Ensuring brand name
  • Early diagnosis of Filler/Capper malfunctions
  • Avoidance of costly production downtimes
  • Save product through exact fill level adjustment
  • Reduced false rejections through advanced algorithms for fill level inspection
  • Inspection system for crown closure and fill level (i-GLASS 1000)
  • Inspection system for ropp or talog closure and fill level (i-GLASS 2000)
  • No spacing between containers required
  • No cooling required
  • Capper heads and Filler valves management, along with statistical analysis
  • Full-adjustable by operator
  • Simple integration into existing or new production lines
  • Low operating cost
  • Operating performance up to 60,000 bottles/ hour
  • Closure presence
  • Cocked/ tilted/ high closure
  • Tamper band defects (broken/ missing/ folded under/ hanging)
  • Logo presence
  • Logo color
Fill level
  • Overfill / Underfill
  • Height-adjustable stainless steel & aluminum construction
  • High-resolution industrial cameras
  • Long-life LED lighting
  • High performance industrial computer
  • 17’’ industrial touch screen
  • Rejection device
  • Software package (Q-Report)