Detecting incomplete multipacks even in difficult conditions

Zero the complaints with the innovative inspection system QUBBER FCI

Full case inspection has always been one of the most difficult tasks in industrial production due to many challenges. 

  • Multipackages with opaque and colored shrink films
  • Multipackages with intense glosses
  • Variety of recipes in the same production line
  • Difficulty interrupting the conveyor belt to install the  system

 QUBBER FCI inspection system with its innovative technology exceeds all the above.

  • It is not affected by shrink film colors
  • It is not affected by the conditions of external lighting
  • Accepts up to 32 recipes
  • It does not require interruption of the conveyor belt
  • Requires minimum installation space
  • Reqection confirmation
  • Self – diagnosis functions

QUBBER FCI – 3 in 1

  • Full case inspection
  • Wrong product placement
  • Carrying handle inspection

Recent installation of QUBBER FCI in a water industry of Central Greece

Installation in all Food and Beverage lines