Happy World Statistics Day with Q- REPORT

On the occasion of World Statistics Day, today οn 20 October we celebrate the creation of Q-REPORT, the Production Statistic Analysis Report Software.

QUBBER  facilitates decision making. Optionally integrates its new Q-REPORT software into its Inspection Systems and allows its operator to have an idea of ​​the total production in real time, through statistical analysis.

Q-REPORT  is installed on the PC of the Inspection System and on computers of the company network exporting reports and increasing the efficiency up to 25% from the very first month!

Export reports for:

  • Total produced / rejected products per code
  • Analysis of rejected by cause
  • Monitoring the evolution of rejection rates
  • Production monitoring and downtime
  • Availability, Quality, Line Performance Indicators
  • OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency)

Benefits of Q-REPORT

  • Cost saving, due to timely malfunction detection
  • Final product improvement
  • Easy to use PDF files
  • Utilization of system statistics for maximum efficiency of production lines

Q-REPORT it’s for sure a necessary tool for Plant Managers who need to have the control of the entire production, any time.

The evolution way..

QUBBER lately is on a way of development and evolution on Q-REPORT, which offers to its users more possibilities and reports with the appropriate information for the best control!

The production management is yours! We just give you the tools!