Loux- Qubber: Cooperation based in TRUST

Lux has 70 years of active presence in the field of Industry in Greece and Abroad, holds a high position in the preferences of consumers and not unjustly, since it’s many years of history and experience in the field of soft drinks has made it unique.

The Greek soft drink’s Company is proven to invest in the optimization of the produced products which reach the final consumer, aiming at the High Quality of the content and the packaging.

For this reason Loux trusted QUBBER Industrial Inspection Systems to check the completeness of all packages. Choose the new vision system of our company, FCI, with technology of special cameras in 250ml glass bottles and in pet bottles 330, 500 and 1500ml in its two production lines.

• Is easy to use as it is not affected by the material and color of the package
• Saves time with more surveillance cameras and on-site disposal