Nektar Kourtidi: Investment in Inspection Systems of Qubber

The awarded Greek soft drinks Industry Nektar Kourtidi based in Northen Greece, gains the trust of consumers all these years now. The recipe of it’s success is definitely many years of experience in this field and it’s great history, while in the future aims at further development and enrichment of it’s products.


In this regard, trusts QUBBER for the installation of integrated Industrial System in the production line of glass and PET bottles.

All the necessary inspections by One System
In it’s production area installed a powerful main unit ATRAX Q2-CF1, latest technology, for the full bottle inspection and three remote units.

The Main Unit has the ability to control:

  • the fill level in the bottles
  • the cap for imperfections (Crown, PET)

Remote Units are  responsible for:

  • existence and proper label placement in oriented bottles
  • existence and legible printing
  • detection of metal nozzle (foreign body) with direct line stop

The layout completes with two units of rejection which are responsible for direct rejection of defective products.

By choosing ATRAX Q2-CF1, our Company ensures the protection of consumer health and  reduces complaints and product recalls.

Evolve your production line
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