QUBBER’S Cooperation with a huge manufacturer

V. ARGYROPOULOS company remains in the first place in Greece all these years, in the field of olive processing machinery construction, chestnuts, figs and other food categories, having as main goal complete coverage of the costumer’s needs and the excellent quality of its products.

Its machines are distinguished for the quality of construction and adequately cover the entire production process, regardless of the products you have offering specialized services, always with ARGYROPOULOS guarantee.

Cooperation with QUBBER

ARGYROPOULOS and QUBBER proceeded to the development of a high technology olive sorter, initial capacity 2 tons/ hour.

QUBBER in the framework of this cooperation undertakes:

  • the supply of the industrial inspection unit
  • the supply of specialized sorting software based on color and automation
  • the system calibration
  • the system testing
  • continuous research to upgrade the machine


What is olive color sorter 

It’s an automatic machine that separates green olives from black ones and has the ability to understand even small differences in shade and tone between similar color olives.

Who is interested? 

  • Olive processing plants
  • Food Industries
  • Small processing units

Integration of advanced technology QUBBER EYEQ

All these elements are achieved with EYEQ technology, with offers complex visual inspections, full range of ever – expanding toolbox, accurate rejections of unacceptable and great connectivity.

We are at your disposal for the implementation of your applications!