QUBBER Machine Vision systems are designed in order to require the least training time for efficient learning of their operation.

Staff training can take place at our premises or on-site at your production line.


Trial operation

At our premises, customers can be present during a pilot trial of the systems they have ordered.

This achieves absolute adjustment to your needs.


Qubber warranty

Our systems are covered by an extented warranty of 12 or 18 months, the terms of which are clearly defined in our quotations.

Safe Plus 24/7

For further round-the-clock support, QUBBER has designed the total support package Safe Plus 24/7, which provides you with great benefits:

  • Restore programs, recipes and parameters.
  • Tech support when you need it.
  • Detailed information on the events and services that have been offered.
  • Suggestions to improve the operation of your inspection system and production process.
  • Estimation of anual support cost.
  • Save money due to reduced needs for on-site support.
  • Enjoy the services of specialized technicians with excellent training and great experience.
  • Maintain system performance to the highest level.
  • Increase production line efficiency with no unexpected downtimes.

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