The fastest Print Inspection System with great cost savings

Print Inspection System with up to 110.000 pph

It is a fact that especially in times of high product demand, like Christmas holidays, what Industry needs is a fast and detailed product and inspection with no production delay.

QUBBER with many years of experience in Industrial Inspection Systems is capable of print inspection in fast production lines (soft drinks cans or beer) offering solution to all of the above.

With Q-CHECKPRINT and Q-SPRINT we achieve:

  • Elimination of re – checks and recalls
  • Zero pallet re – checks
  • Cost savings
  • Line operation with maximum efficiency

QUBBER Q-CHECKPRINT and Q-SPRINT Inspection Systems are specialized in:

  • Printing presents and placement
  • Character reading ( OCR-OCV )
  • High production speeds, up to 110.000 pph

The factory’s gain is really high!

  • Any damage to the printer is detected immediately
  • Re-checks and pallet commitment are minimized

Get the fastest Print Inspection System of the marketplace!