Code of Conduct


Qubber PC Code of Conduct is designed to serve as a guide in day-to-day business interactions, reflecting a standard for proper employee behavior and our corporate values. It is designed to help employees identify ethics and compliance issues before they arise and deal with them appropriately when they do.
This document has been prepared by the management of Qubber PC.

Our core values

Our core values define the way we interact with each other and our customers, the way we deliver value and the way we behave.
They interconnect us and make our successes possible. Each of us is responsible for adapting our behaviour to our core values:
– We achieve success through customer satisfaction.
– We deliver high quality and business excellence in everything we do.
– We demand maximum return on our resources and investments.
– We value our employees. Qubber PC is its people, with whom it shares the same passion and vision for creating new innovative products. The team grows and the people involved in the team must share the same values. One element of Qubber PC success is that it grows and evolves alongside its people.

Free will of workers

Qubber PC does not use any form of forced or compulsory labour. Employees are free to leave the company through resignation at any time they wish, in accordance with the requirements of the applicable legislation. Qubber PC does not destroy, conceal, confiscate or otherwise deny employees access to their identity or immigration documents.

Right to “freedom of association”

Qubber PC recognizes the right of its employees to be represented by trade unions or employee committees and respects and protects this right in accordance with the applicable legislation. Management is committed to maintaining good communication with employees through internal information and consultation processes.

Working conditions

Qubber PC undertakes to take all those actions required to improve the health and safety conditions in order to ensure the protection of life and health of employees, including suppliers, subcontractors, and visitors to the Company’s premises, as defined by the applicable provisions of Greek and European legislation. Employees receive training in occupational health and safety. The ultimate goal of Qubber PC is to perform all work with the best requirements in quality and time, without any accident or incident that would harm human health. The health and safety of employees is the concern of all those involved in the Company’s activities and depends above all on ourselves, which is why we as employees are committed to using the personal protection measures provided to us and to following the rules of hygiene and safety.

Minors/children’s work

Qubber PC does not employ as employees persons under the legal age.

Labour relations – Employee pay – Working hours

In matters of employment, recruitment, remuneration and benefits, training, promotion, transfer and termination, each employee is treated in accordance with the applicable law and the standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO). The selection and recruitment process are based on objective criteria, but also on principles and rules that ensure transparency and objective assessment of the candidate.

Qubber PC, recognizes and promotes a healthy work-life balance, while respecting the commitments employees have outside of the work environment. It recognises the right to rest and leisure time and follows national legislation on compulsory days of leave, maternity and paternity leave and other leave related to family responsibilities or cases of force majeure.

Avoiding discrimination

Qubber PC takes all possible measures to avoid discrimination on the basis of race, religion, colour, origin, age, special needs, sexual orientation, political beliefs, gender or marital status in all corporate processes (recruitment, promotion, dismissal, training, etc).

Avoiding harassment and violence

No employee shall be subjected to physical, sexual, racial, psychological, verbal or any other form of harassment or violence. To this end, and in the course of their day-to-day work interactions with colleagues or co-workers, employees should not engage in: a) derogatory comments regarding national origin, religion, colour, gender, age, sexual preference, marital status, physical and mental health, or any other characteristics protected by law, b) inappropriate gestures; c) physical or verbal harassment of a sexual, racist or defamatory nature; d) intimidating or aggressive actions; e) inappropriate jokes; f) communicating or displaying offensive material in the workplace. Every employee must immediately report to the management any incident (violation of basic rights, use of violence or harassment) that comes to his/her attention.


Qubber PC recognizes its responsibilities and obligations towards the environment and people and is committed to:
– the continuous improvement of its environmental performance,
– promoting renewable energy and recycling
– compliance with environmental legislation and the environmental requirements of its customers and partners.
The company shall identify all environmental parameters relating to its activities and develop procedures and programs with a view to continuously improving its environmental performance. The company’s environmental policy focuses on:
– Saving energy by developing a system to monitor the consumption of natural resources
– Management of waste generated, giving priority to separate collection and recycling.
– Continuous briefing of senior management and staff on environmental issues.

Financial management

The integrity of Qubber PC accounting and financial records is based on the accuracy and completeness of the basic entries of information in the Company’s accounting records. All those involved in the creation, processing and recording of this information are held responsible for its integrity. Each accounting or financial entry should accurately reflect the information described in the supporting information. No concealment of information should take place.

Protection of personal information

Qubber PC collects and maintains personal information only to the extent necessary for business or legal purposes. Complies with all applicable legislation governing the retention and processing of personal data of employees. Employees’ consent is necessary for the disclosure of any additional information that may be requested by third parties.

Resources – Confidential information

Qubber PC employees must make proper use of company assets and resources for legitimate business purposes and must not:
– Reproduce classified materials or documents for personal use.
– Use company property (including computers and other company resources, equipment, tools and machinery) for other than company use as required by the duties and responsibilities of their job.
– They reveal the password to their files.
– They allow the use of corporate assets for illegal activities.
– Use corporate property or databases for their own benefit.
– Theft of money, assets (tangible or intangible) or services of the company or its customers is strictly prohibited.
Qubber PC is committed to protecting the trade secrets and confidential information of its customers and partners.
Qubber PC employees do not retain any proprietary or privacy rights in all information collected through, or stored on, the Electronic Information or other Systems, except to the extent provided or permitted by law.


Qubber PC goal is to ensure uninterrupted, reliable sources of supply. Transparent transactions with customers and suppliers are essential for stable, long-term relationships. All of our potential suppliers are given fair and equal opportunities. Decisions are based on objective criteria such as price and quality, reliability and integrity of a supplier. It is prohibited to give or receive any illegal commissions, bribes or similar payments of any kind. The relationship between Qubber PC and its suppliers is excellent and always focused on the quality of the final product.

Code disclosure

The Director and Department Heads have an increased responsibility for the communication and compliance of the Code by everyone in the company. If an Executive knows that an employee intends to engage in an act prohibited by the Code and fails to take any steps to avoid it, the Executive shall be held equally responsible as the employee.
It is the responsibility of all workers:
– Read and understand the Code, seek guidance when required and comply with its spirit.
– Avoid any conduct that is contrary to the principles of the Code and may damage the reputation of Qubber PC.
– In the performance of their duties and in their dealings with third parties, bring the Code to their attention and indicate to them compliance with its rules, if required.
– Consult their supervisor or manager if they are in any doubt as to whether any of their activities may be considered a violation of the Code.

Reporting of Code Violations

Qubber PC expects its employees to report serious violations of the Code of Conduct when they become aware of them or when they are brought to their attention. Doing so will allow it to address and correct the issue ideally before it is drawn into breaking the law or endangering health and safety or leads to risking its reputation. In case of violations of the Code of Conduct, the Company carefully investigates the relevant reports, while maintaining the confidentiality of the information, unless otherwise provided by law.
Employees should be aware that:
– They are encouraged to disclose freely if they become aware of any activity that deviates from the principles of the Code and may be a cause for concern.
The Company’s Management ensures that no action will be taken against any employee who reports, in good faith, any actual or alleged misconduct.
• The reporting process should not be misused for reckless accusations or personal grievances.
• There are alternative options if an employee wishes to seek advice or raise a relevant issue. In this context, employees can contact the HR Manager.