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Incorrect printings on can containers increase company costs, mainly because of re-evaluation and recalls. Q-Read inspection system is specialized in reading and verifying printed characters (e.g best-before date and production number) using OCR/OCV technology. The whole system is integrated in metal can production lines of food industry, eliminating the risk of non-compliant products reaching consumers.

  • Timely detection of any print quality problem
  • Saving of costs due to minimization of lot rechecks and recalls
  • Increased line efficiency
  • Brand name protection
  • Ease of use
  • Multiple language OCR technology (English, Arabian etc)
  • High characters read rates
  • Handles process variations (e.g surface background compensation)
  • Operating performance up to 45,000 items/hour
  • Missing printed character or line
  • Wrong characters
  • Cut-off printing
  • Poorly-printed or confusing characters
  • Cut-off/shrunk/smudged printing
  • Floor-base support system
  • Integration above or under the conveyor belt
  • High-resolution industrial camera
  • Long-life strobe LED lighting
  • High performance industrial computer
  • 17’’ industrial touch screen
  • Additional inspections by installing more camera modules
  • Rejection device
  • Software package (Q-Report)