Multiple inspections

The need for distributed optical inspections around the factory floor and also, the need to easily adapt the optical inspections to different products passing from the same production line, has been the primary target when developing our Q-FLEX system. Q-FLEX is an advanced PC-based inspection system with an impressive ever-expanding toolbox available in every connected camera. This system also offers unlimited functionality, remarkable ease of use and an excellent cost-benefit ratio, comparing with the inferior technology of smart cameras. QUBBER Q-FLEX optical inspection system is suitable for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other fields of industry.
See the Q-FLEX system comparison with Smart Cameras.

Common control unit
High cost to benefit ratio
  • Complete customer satisfaction – system is built according to your specific needs
  • Implements demanding optical inspections
  • Quick changeover
  • Easily adjustable
  • Future-proof, due to the ever-expanding toolbox
  • Built to last
  • PC-based inspection system based on QUBBER EYEQ technology
  • Tailor made for your particular inspection needs
  • Up to 10 distributed cameras with one central unit
  • Inspection tools available to all cameras
  • Special printings reading algorithms with minimized False rejections
  • Fast image transfer over very long distances
  • Quick changeover
  • Expandability and long-term updates
  • Surface defects
  • Damaged parts
  • Assembly errors
  • Shape, position, presence of object
  • Misaligned and missing labels
  • Color consistency
  • Orientation of parts
  • Dimensions
Reading / Identifying
  • Printed characters (Dates/Lot codes etc)
  • 1-D barcodes, 2-D matrix codes
Driving / Cooperating with
  • Automation equipment
  • Stainless steel constructions tailor-made to your specific needs
  • Up to 10 high resolution industrial cameras (monochrome and color)
  • High performance industrial computer
  • LED display or industrial touch screen
  • Long-life industrial LED lighting
  • Separate automation unit
  • Light tree and siren
  • Height adjustment (Motorized, If required)
  • Rejection devices
  • Rotating HMI console
  • Additional screens
  • Data exchange
  • Traceability
  • Software package (Q-Report)

Q-FLEX system compared to smart cameras

Q-FLEX integrated inspection systemVSSmart cameras
QUBBER EYEQ technologyTechnologySmart camera
ExtensiveOptical inspection toolboxLimited
To all camerasAvailability of optical toolsLimited according to the type of camera
HighEase of useLow
Multi language interface
AbsoluteConstruction robustnessUncertain
Installation in high speed lines
LowIncrease in cost due to high resolution color cameraBig
HighCost to benefit ratio in multi-camera applicationsLow
Self-diagnosis function
Log files
Reports and Statistics
Data exchange
Internet support
HighFuture proofingLow