In the orbit of development…

Our company makes an export opening to new markets in 2019 expanding its clientele with installations in European Union countries.


Our new customers in Europe!

Large plant of a well- known beverage industry entrusted QUBBER for preform inspection by choosing multiple Q-CONFORM WITH SEAL MODULE systems.



The best-selling water bottling industry in its own country chose, through a full range of products, for the simultaneous preform and bottle inspection, the dual system ATRAX 360 + Q-CONFORM WITH BOTTOM MODULE.



Q-FLEX, a genius distributed-camera vision system capable of multiple inspections, chose a large bottling industry in Southern east Europe for detailed full bottle inspection.



Having as a strong advantage the high cost-benefit ratio, QUBBER, overcoming the competitive pressure, offered reliable integrated solutions.

Q u a l i t y  –  A c c u r a c y  –  F l e x i b i l i t y  –  D u r a b i l i t y

Our basic traits, combined with the provided total support package SAFE PLUS 24/7, comparatively ensure the best circumstances for new partnerships and strengthen the trust relationships with the existing ones.